Edward Ward of Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio

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Obituary from the Putnam County Sentinal on 5 Sept 1878: ( photo copy from The Putnam County District Library in Ottowa, Ohio) (in 1870 census)

Originally found in The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library Center http://index.rbhays.org Ohio Obituary Index:

“On Wednesday of last week, about noon, Mr. Edward Ward, of this village, departed this life after an illness of only a few days, at the advanced age of 78 years.  On account of friends living at a distance he was not buried until Friday afternoon.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Scoles in the Methodist Church.”

see my website for chronology 1850-1870: http://gsocolic.tripod.com/html/ward1.html

I am looking for Edward’s parents: Census discrepancy: 1870 census: when Edward was alive: says he was born in Virginia.  The 1880 and 1900 census lists Joel Ward’s father Edward Ward as born in Maryland.

Family legend claims he was from

Lynchburg, Virginia:  there are several Ward families in this locality in 1800.

Other possibilities:  Along the National road?

Possible lead to Edward Ward’s marriage to Margaret Miller 1825 (Ancestry; MD Marriages 1655-1850) in Allegheny County Maryland (this is strange because Margaret is listed as widow in an earlier census?)

Other possibilities along the National Road:

Rufus Ward (from Vermont): lived near Edward Ward’s son Joel Ward in Miller Township.  Rufus Ward’s son was Dennis Ward who married Hennie Hildreth.  Could my Edward Ward be the grandson of William Ward (Holmes County) or related to Henry Ward  (1842-1920 Civil War Vet buried in Sullivan Cemetery in Ashland, Ohio?

(Joel, Edward Ward’s son  lived in Ashland, Ohio  in1850 per the census)

Wheeling, West Virginia:The following Ward families were in this location in 1800: Edward Ward(not my Edward Ward) and Lucy Wilson; Cornelius Ward; Jacob Ward and Ann Ward; James Ward

Still searching for Lynchburg, VA: Wards and looking for Edward born btw. 1794 or 1800.

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  1. Update November 21 2013:
    Edward Ward’s parents have been located. He is mentioned in his John Ward’s will in 1825 (Family Search Online. Hampshire County Virginia which is now Mineral County, West Virginia) Knobley Mountain/New Creek area, Patterson Creek.
    John (2) Ward’s father is John Ward (1) whose father is Sylvester Ward. Sylvester Ward’s (of Hardy and Pendleton Counties, VA (now West Virginia)) father was Israel Ward (on Gloucester, New Jersey) Israel Ward was one of the first patentees of Lord Fairfax’s Northern Neck, South Branch/Patterson Creek (Hampshire County) in West VIrginia. It is possible that he had a Tomahawk Claim because he does not appear in the official records but was settled there at an early date. The “Elkins, West Virginia Wards” came from this line.

    Edward Ward’s siblings who were also listed in the will are: Sarah Ward, Hester Ward, Joel Ward, Jessie Ward, and John Ward(3). Note: The naming pattern Edward named his own son “Joel” after his brother and named a son after his brother, father and grandfather “John”

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